AMO Q2 Planning

Jorge Villalobos jorge at
Fri Jun 29 20:48:20 UTC 2018


Here's how we did this quarter with these goals:

* Static theme support is almost ready. We haven't launched it yet and
plan to roll it out gradually across the quarter (soft launch,
announcement and shutting down lwt uploads, migration).

* Bigger screenshot uploads are working now. Announcement coming up next

* The A/B testing was set up for the TAAR Lite project, and was
successfully used to test the feature. Since the numbers look good,
we'll shortly shut down the control and keep TAAR recommendations on as
a feature.

* JSON update manifest, integration with mass comms, and FxA account
deletion were all completed. Hybrid Content Telemetry is blocked on an
external dependency, and reviewer and admins tools are progressing, but
a bit slowly due to their lower priority.



On 4/9/18 1:45 PM, Jorge Villalobos wrote:
> Hello,
> I’d like to share an overview of our plans for AMO in Q2. These are the
> most important projects we will work on this quarter:
> * Static themes. Launch support for static themes, and implement
> migration code for lightweight themes. It's worth noting the migration
> won't happen until Q3.
> * Support bigger screenshot uploads.
> * Implement A/B Testing Framework.
> * A few small projects: serve JSON update manifests, hybrid content
> telemetry on disco pane, integration with mass communication system, FxA
> account deletion integration.
> Additionally, there's reviewer and admin tools work that follows up on
> the Q1 work, but it's P2 in priority.
> For more details about our plans, please give our Trello board a look:
> Jorge

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