Convert print function from Firefox Addon to WebExtension?

Nguyen Van Cuong manhcuong069 at
Tue Jun 26 02:28:44 UTC 2018

Dear all,

I have a Firefox Addon with bellow functions:

   - Print a webpage from URL with same domain
   - Print preview a webpage from URL with same domain
   - Print to different printers: Choose a printer in a list printer when
   - Silent printing (without print dialog)
   - Allow input print options when print, ex: margin-top, margin-bottom,
   margin-left, margin-right, .....
   - Print output format: Native format, Postscript, PDF.
   - Print to file

Now I need covert it to WebExtension for run with new FireFox (version 60
or higher).

Could you help me find extension API for above functions.

Best Regards,

*Cuong **Nguyen*
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