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Recently download Firefox 60 and try to find 'Use this search engine for searches from Windows' under Search Tab as it was found in the previous release. But don't find this option in 60 version, want to know whether this has been removed from this version or this has been renamed to something. Please confirm.

Also, earlier all the configuration will be saved in Mozilla.cfg in the installation directory but when tried to import existing configuration this version is not accepting. Please help or let me know the location of these configuration from this ESR 60 version.

During troubleshooting observed that, in the user local profile pref.js file found and I assume that this is the file storing all those configuration.
"C:\Users\<USER ID>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\a33f1dmo.default\prefs.js"

Since there are many confusion in this, kindly let me know.

Thanks & Regards
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