AMO discoverability

Armin Wagner arminwagner2008 at
Tue Jan 9 22:58:34 UTC 2018

On 09.01.2018, at 21:55, Jorge Villalobos <jorge at> wrote:
> After step 7, you're on a search page and you can change the sorting
> options on the left. If you're looking for newer add-ons you can change
> the sort to Recently Updated.

So there is a very very short time window which allows users to discover new add-ons at step 7.
But who will arrive at step 7? Most users will give up at step 4 or earlier. (I guess most users don’t even know what an add-on is, but that’s another story)
Maybe a bit of web-analytics could shed some light on this.

> It will always be hard for new add-ons to gain usage at first, but the
> good ones will eventually get enough users and ratings to bubble up and
> have more visibility. The developers should also make some effort on
> their side to promote their add-ons on other channels, so they don't
> rely completely on people stumbling onto them on AMO.

My concern is, that the new ones won’t bubble up, because the current design just works against them. It effectively *extends* the distance between the top and the bottom, as the user has to get through 3-4 curated lists before arriving at a paginated highscore list, which again, favours the already popular. It reminds me of the Apple appstore and we all know how that market developed :(


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