Where did moz-extension:// go?

Mike Lissner mike at free.law
Tue Oct 31 22:23:25 UTC 2017

Thanks for the replies.

<bsilverberg at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Does your extension have a background page? If not then there may be times
> when none of your extension code is running in which case you might not see
> the moz-extension:// protocol listed.

We do have a background page, but I'm fairly certain this is happening when
the content script is running. It really feels like the debugger has
crashed somehow.

On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 9:14 AM Andrew Swan <aswan at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Mike, without more detail its difficult to help with a question like this.

Yeah, sorry.

> It looks like you're using the regular devtools debugger on a content
> page.


> So are you debugging a content script?


> Does the script disappear when you take some particular action?  (eg, are
> you navigating to a new page or anything?)

Not that I've been able to tell. It *might* be related to reloading the
extension, but I honestly can't tell. So far it's been rather intermittent.
The solution is always the same though. Reload the extension manually, then
reload the page, and boom, it shows up again. It's making me crazy,
FWIW.... :)

You're probably not interested, but I'm happy to try to reproduce on a
video call or something. I'm in Berkeley, CA, so PST time zone.

Mike Lissner
Executive Director
Free Law Project
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