Using the correct strict_min_version in extensions

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Thu Oct 26 06:43:33 UTC 2017

2017年10月26日星期四,Michael Buckley <support at> 写道:

> Hi all,
> Been finding it a lot of work to make sure I always use the correct min
> version in my manifest file.  So I wrote two scripts, one scraps the data
> off the online docs and saves it to a local JSON file.  The other takes
> that JSON file and a folder with my extensions in it and does a rather
> crude examination of the extension and gives a recommendation on what the
> min version should be. I run it now at the end of my build script.
> Feel free to use and modify as you see fit.
> I think AMO itself should do this kind of check and give a warning if
> there is a possible mistake.  Is there a bug for that? I can't find one.
>  linter should report
wrong min version for APIs usage, based on mdn/browser-compat-data

> God Bless
> Michael

Best regards,
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