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Mon Oct 23 14:00:10 UTC 2017

I have an extension that was written as XUL/XPCOM.
As you may know, the extension will be unavailable since next Firefox version (November 2017).
I have the same extension for Chrome which is working. I tried to rename the Chrome extension from *.crx to *.xpi and installed in my Firefox browser.
I also tried to create my new xpi extension.

The extension is running but fails to do what it should do:
Open a new tab with a URL with file:\\ URI scheme.

chrome.tabs.create({ url: "file://///server///folder<file://server/folder>" });
browser.tabs.create({ url: "file://///server///folder<file://server/folder>" });

This statement is called within a background script.
It fails with the following error:

Unchecked lastError value: Error: Illegal URL: file://///server///folder<file://server/folder>

This statement works as expected in Chrome browser.

>From documentation of tabs.create():

For security reasons, in Firefox, this may not be a privileged URL. So passing any of the following URLs will fail:
chrome: URLs
javascript: URLs
data: URLs
file: URLs (i.e., files on the filesystem. However, to use a file packaged inside the extension, see below)
privileged about: URLs (for example, about:config, about:addons, about:debugging). Non-privileged URLs (e.g., about:blank) are allowed.
The New Tab page (about:newtab) can be opened if no value for URL is provided.

Is there any way for work around?

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