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Sebastian Ober sebastian.ober at
Tue Oct 17 21:26:01 UTC 2017

Hi Jean-Roch,

While I did not find the separator (maybe it does not exist anymore,
maybe I was blind), a flexible space does exist which you can insert in
the nav bar and the bookmark bar (at the very least in Firefox Nightly).

To do that, open the burger menu in the top right and select "Customize"
(with a paintbrush icon). There you'll find the flexible space which you
can drag into any location(s) you want.

Hope that helps


On 17/10/2017 23:18, Jean-Roch Huet wrote:
> Hi everybordy,
> I'm not a developer, just a simple user.
> I've read the problems caused by Firefox 57 and Webextensions.
> I'm sad of watching things like Classic Theme Restorer (CTR), one of
> my favourites, being dropped.
> But I understand the conflict between the design and the need of
> common standards (and speed).
> I understand it must have been a hard choice for mozilla.
> I just wanted to ask a question to mozilla:
> is it possible to add (in the navigation toolbar and bookmarks
> toolbar) a "separator" and a "space" (just like empty buttons), and
> eventually a "flexible space" (it would be the best but it could be
> more complicated) in Firefox?
> I can stop to use CTR and other extensions, I can make the jump toward
> a new design, it's hard but I can change.
> But at least a separator seem very important to me to keep order in my
> buttons.
> I would be very grateful to mozilla for this, when the "shock" of the
> version 57 will arrive.
> Regards,
> PS: Please, apologize for any errors in grammar or spelling, but
> english is not my mothertong.
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