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Jean-Roch Huet jeanroch.huet at
Tue Oct 17 21:18:21 UTC 2017

Hi everybordy,
 I'm not a developer, just a simple user.
I've read the problems caused by Firefox 57 and Webextensions.
I'm sad of watching things like Classic Theme Restorer (CTR), one of my favourites, being dropped.
 But I understand the conflict between the design and the need of common standards (and speed).I understand it must have been a hard choice for mozilla.

I just wanted to ask a question to mozilla:is it possible to add (in the navigation toolbar and bookmarks toolbar) a "separator" and a "space" (just like empty buttons), and eventually a "flexible space" (it would be the best but it could be more complicated) in Firefox?

I can stop to use CTR and other extensions, I can make the jump toward a new design, it's hard but I can change.But at least a separator seem very important to me to keep order in my buttons.
I would be very grateful to mozilla for this, when the "shock" of the version 57 will arrive.

PS: Please, apologize for any errors in grammar or spelling, but english is not my mothertong.
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