WebExtension's IFrame injection fails for www.bbc.com and www.money.cnn.com

Sandeep Singh sandees at adobe.com
Mon Oct 16 17:52:43 UTC 2017

Thanks Geoffrey for reverting on this,

I tried the piece of code suggested by you, unfortunately this does not fix the issue, “jQueryPage” remain undefined. ☹

Also, window.wrappedJSObject is used to unwrap DOM’s JS variables created/modified (XRay Vision) by page scripts, so the statement

var jQueryPage = window.wrappedJSObject.jQuery

primarily allows me to use JQuery if defined by some page–script in the webpage , right?

But, in my extension’s manifest.json I have explicity included the jquery library I want the extension to use. And I  would never want that my extension uses some other jQuery defined somewhere else.

Issue is only for these 2 pages www.bbc.com<http://www.bbc.com> and www.cnn.money.com<http://www.cnn.money.com> , jquery variable $ remains undefined, though in my content script I list the jquery lib file first, followed by the content-script.


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Subject: Re: WebExtension's IFrame injection fails for www.bbc.com and www.money.cnn.com

Hi Sandeep,

Did you try something like this?

if(window.wrappedJSObject != null){
        var jQueryPage = window.wrappedJSObject.jQuery; // get the real jQuery, not the fake one
        if(jQueryPage != null){
            // Do something with jQuery, which is now defined as jQueryPage


Kind regards,

---- On ma, 16 okt 2017 15:18:29 +0200 Sandeep Singh <sandees at adobe.com> wrote ----

Hi Folks,

I have been facing this Web Extension issue since long and finally logged a bug, please provide your insights on this



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