Re: ​ Determine Enable/Disable state of WebExtn Installed via Registry

Jefferson Scher jscher2000 at
Mon Oct 16 15:01:47 UTC 2017

Hi Sandeep, other than default and default followed by a long number, which
is created if a user uses the Refresh feature, profile names are
user-created. I suggest you focus on the path string rather than the name.
Initially they match, but users can rename the profile without renaming the
folder. That's an edge case, but...

I'm sure you can find time-tested patterns for parsing .ini files on all
your platforms. Aside from the venerable win32 functions
(GetPrivateProfileSectionNames, GetPrivateProfileString, etc.), you could
take a look at the code in Firefox (MPLv2 licensed). I don't read C, but
this looks relevant:


On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 4:06 AM, Sandeep Singh <sandees at> wrote:

> Thanks Geoffrey, seems like I need to write a parser, for Profile0, parser
> can easily pivot on to “.default” and figure out  “nn0n2cq2” but for
> Profile1, since “.cs317” is randomly generated , figuring out the profile
> name here will not be straight forward(and I guess the name-lengths are
> also not fixed). Is there a way out for this was primarily my ask.
> Thanks,
> Sandeep
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