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Hi Sandeep,

You will indeed need to write a parser. The Path can be anything, really and depends on whether the user choose to define their own relative path or just used the default value (being ProfileId.ProfileName).

The property Name can also be anything, but since the format is so easy (you have both the Name and Path in the same profile, no need to "guess") that won't be a problem.

As far as I know, there is no other way then to parse profiles.ini and you're heading in the right direction by parsing this file.

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Thanks Geoffrey, seems like I need to write a parser, for Profile0, parser can easily pivot on to “.default” and figure out  “nn0n2cq2” but for Profile1, since “.cs317” is randomly generated , figuring out the profile name here will not be straight forward(and I guess the name-lengths are also not fixed). Is there a way out for this was primarily my ask.













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 Subject: RE: ​ Determine Enable/Disable state of WebExtn Installed via Registry


Hi Sandeep,


This info can be found in the profiles.ini file which is located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox on Windows.
















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Hi Jefferson,



Thanks for reverting back on this. When the user has multiple FF profiles and is running one of them, and with profiles names being random alpha-numeric-special characters, is there a pivot that I can use to fetch each profile name. It is only when the directory/folder name is available to me that I can go ahead and use the extension.json under that to fetch further details about the state of the extension.










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Hi Sandeep:


The profile.ini file uses Default=1 to point to the current default profile. However, you are correct that the user may be running a non-default profile. And the user may be using more than one profile at a time using the -no-remote startup switch.


Generally speaking, any profile in use will contain a parent.lock file. This file should not exist in other profiles in which Firefox shut down correctly. It might exist in profiles where Firefox crashed.


Is there any foolproof indicator? I'm not sure.


The extensions data moved to extensions.json. It contains an addons array of individual extension objects. You can iterate over the array looking for id=(your extension id) and then checking the properties visible=true and active=false. Query whether you want to check for userDisabled = false, indicating the user disabled it themselves which might indicate you shouldn't nag them to enable it?




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