Re: ​ Determine Enable/Disable state of WebExtn Installed via Registry

Jefferson Scher jscher2000 at
Sun Oct 15 23:30:34 UTC 2017

Hi Sandeep:

The profile.ini file uses Default=1 to point to the current default
profile. However, you are correct that the user may be running a
non-default profile. And the user may be using more than one profile at a
time using the -no-remote startup switch.

Generally speaking, any profile in use will contain a parent.lock file.
This file should not exist in other profiles in which Firefox shut down
correctly. It might exist in profiles where Firefox crashed.

Is there any foolproof indicator? I'm not sure.

The extensions data moved to extensions.json. It contains an addons array
of individual extension objects. You can iterate over the array looking for
id=(your extension id) and then checking the properties visible=true and
active=false. Query whether you want to check for userDisabled = false,
indicating the user disabled it themselves which might indicate you
shouldn't nag them to enable it?

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