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tumpio tumpio at post.com
Sun Oct 15 19:25:44 UTC 2017

Hi Andrew,

thanks for your reply and links to the existing experiments. They helped 
me to understand the API schema.

I've now created my own experiment API for Toolbar configuration. The 
API has the following Schema:

- get(toolbarId) - Get Toolbar by toolbar element ID.
- getAll() - Get all Toolbars in browser Window.
- move(toolbarId, moveProperties) - Move toolbar to the position given 
in moveProperties.
- hide(toolbarId) - set toolbar visibility to hidden.
- show(toolbarId) - set toolbar visibility to visible.

- Toolbar
     - id:string
     - index:integer
     - bottom:boolean
     - hidden:boolean
- moveProperties
     - index:integer
     - bottom:boolean

Source is available in Github:


I have also created a WebExtension that uses the API. The extension 
allows to change the positions of toolbars.

The extension source is in the same repository.

Can I submit my work to AMO? Or is there some other place for experiments?

Best regards,


Andrew McKay kirjoitti 07.10.2017 klo 01:58:
> Experiments can only be used on Nightly and there isn't any plan to
> change that. At this point your best bet at trying to understand the
> schema is to look at some of the other experiments.
> I'm not sure what the Toolbar Position Changer does. But, from the
> sound of it, if its something you plan on landing in Firefox, it might
> make sense to check its something that would be accepted by the module
> owners.
> Some experiments:
> https://github.com/autonome/webext-experiment-showOnlyTheseTabs
> https://github.com/Koushien/keyboard-shortcut-api
> https://github.com/web-ext-experiments/logins
> On 6 October 2017 at 07:24, tumpio <tumpio at post.com> wrote:
>> Hello dev-addons,
>> what is the state of the add-on experiments for writing a WebExtension API
>> as a bootstrapped add-on? Will they be supported in long term in Firefox
>> nightly and dev-editions, or were they just a concept for tinkering with
>> WebExtensions before the final transition to them? The documentation hasn't
>> been updated for 7 months and it lacks details about the api schema file.
>> I would like to try to write an add-on experiment API that would allow me to
>> convert my Toolbar Position Changer add-on to a WebExtension.
>> https://webextensions-experiments.readthedocs.io/en/latest/schema.html
>> Regards,
>> tumpio
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