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Sun Oct 15 10:53:56 UTC 2017

Hi Michael,

thanks for your extensive answer.

I accept the other reasons but I was wondering why they always try do
fiddle with the GUI and force users to use it the way they think it's
hip or cool somehow? So there are a little bit more users using Chrome.
So be it. I don't mind.

There are a lot of Firefox users who liked the previous Themes and just
want to use the browser to browse without some fancy GUI and strange menus.

Why do break the GUI that works for years? It almost feels like the
Windows 8 start menu moment only that can be brought back by a plugin.


On 15.10.2017 12:47, Michael Buckley wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't represent Mozilla, and I am just an Add-on developer.  All of my
> extensions where effected by the change, and I have to put is a lot of
> work to get them updated. 
> That said here are some of the reasons I think they did it.
> Security: add-on's before could do anything they wanted, anything a
> normal program could do they could do.  That meant huge effort had to be
> put into reviewing them and making sure they were not doing something
> wrong.  With the new change they had to declare what they do, and are
> much more limited.
> Portability: The add-on's now follow the same basic API other browsers
> do (and not just chrome). So porting from one to another should should
> become easier.
> Decoupling: Right now because of how extensions work they are tightly
> coupled with the version of the browser they were written for, updates
> to the browser always risks breaking extensions.  The new API ensures
> that as long as you use the functions provided you can be sure it will
> continue to work.
> Multi process: Firefox 55 forced many add-ons to be updated to work with
> the new multi-process system.  WebExtensions are always multi-process.
> There are other reasons too, but I think this is some of the main ones.
> If the developer wanted to submit patches to make some of what he was
> doing possible it might happen.  His bug was very vague and simple
> demanded everything back, it was not very constructive I thought.
> God Bless
> Michael
> On 15/10/17 8:38 pm, Tobias Köck wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have tried Firefox 57 and was astonished that almost all Plugins
>> didn't work.
>> I asked the GUI who where doing the Classic Theme Restorer and he said
>> under WebExtensions with Firefox 57+ it won't be possible to adjust the
>> Firefox GUI and the menus. So no implementation there.
>> Is that right? If yes why did you do that? Not everybody wants that
>> 'hipster' menus and GUI elements. Why do you want to simulate Chrome in
>> that way and don't give users a chance to keep their preferred browser look?
>> Greetings
>> Tobias
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