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Sat Oct 14 04:35:28 UTC 2017

Good day.

Can we confirm that the new AMO will not immediately make all XUL addons 

Anyone cloned AMO yet?

Thank you.
Best Regards,

On 2017-10-12 15:38, Stuart Colville <scolville at> wrote:

> The AMO engineering team have been working on a new frontend for the
> main user-facing parts of AMO for some time and on November the 2nd we
> will release it to replace the current Django-based frontend.
> We have some final improvements to make as we head towards the launch
> but you can see the current progress on our public development server
> <> (by default unless you opt out with
> the "mamo" cookie set to "off") or in production
> <> today if you click the soon to be
> redundant "View mobile site" link in the footer.
> What started out as the mobile experience has now become a fully fledged
> responsive website built as a universal, server-side rendered React App
> making extensive use of a comprehensive set of APIs
> <>.
> In a lot of ways we see this as the start of a lot of interesting
> possibilities on AMO, for example, we are going from having no tests for
> client-side code to a code-base that has 95%+ code coverage. This aspect
> alone will make it a lot easier to make future changes.
> If you discover any bugs in trying things out, please file issues over
> on github. <>
> Regards,
> Stuart.

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