Make browserAction's menu contain _solely_ its own custom items

Michael Buckley support at
Sat Oct 7 13:53:39 UTC 2017

I thought I would have a shot at this.  I am trying to copy 
browserAction into an experiment and call it buttonAction to let me have 
something to experiment with.  I think I have it kind of working, but 
the problem is when it finds the manifest entry button_action it does 
not call onManifestEntry. At least that is what I think it is, since 
nothing is getting initialized. The docs are just so thin I can't work 
out how to go from here.  None of the example experiments I have seen 
use a manifest entry.

Here is the code:

It would be nice if I could get this working as it would be an easy way 
to prototype solutions to some of the browerAction feature requests bugs.

If it is not possible, I will go the hard root of compiling Firefox.  It 
is about 4 years since I last did that, maybe it is time again...


On 7/10/17 12:30 pm, Kris Maglione wrote:
> There's a bug for that ( but it's not 
> currently a high priority. I'd accept patches for it, though.
> On Sat, Oct 07, 2017 at 11:33:34AM +1100, Michael Buckley wrote:
>> What I would like to see for this kind of situations is what we used 
>> to have with button type "menu-button."  Right now we only have the 
>> equivalents of "button" (if no popup is assigned) and "menu" (if a 
>> popup is assigned).
>> Type "menu-button" used to make a button that had a drop maker, so 
>> pressing the button itself would run the action, and pressing the 
>> drop maker would open the menu.
>> Any thoughts on how this would work for you Marat Tanalin? Should I 
>> make a bug asking for this?  Or is this kind of ui not really desired?
>> Regards
>> Michael
>> P.S. sorry Marat Tanalin I don't use mailing lists often and I hit 
>> the wrong reply button.  May bad, this one is going to the list.
>> On 7/10/17 10:51 am, Marat Tanalin wrote:
>>> Oh, thanks, Andrew.
>>> As a temporary workaround, I could imagine left-clicking a 
>>> pageAction button to show the menu that I would otherwise display 
>>> via right-clicking the browserAction button.
>>> And then the next question arises: how to associate a _regular_ 
>>> (context-like) menu (not an HTML popup) with the pageAction button’s 
>>> `command` event (_left_ click)?
>>> 07.10.2017, 02:36, "Andrew McKay" <amckay at>:
>>>> You can't.
>>>> You could file a bug to request that, but I'm pretty sure it won't go
>>>> far. Users should be able to retain a standard interface to the
>>>> toolbar buttons and be able to interact with them in a consistent way.
>>>> On 6 October 2017 at 16:16, Marat Tanalin <mtanalin at> wrote:
>>>>>  Hello. How to make browserAction button’s context menu (opened 
>>>>> via right click) contain _solely_ its own custom items and no any 
>>>>> predefined items? Currently the menu also contains browser’s 
>>>>> predefined items that have nothing to do with my extension.
>>>>>  Fwiw, I currently investigate ways to port my UsableHomeButton 
>>>>> [1] extension to the WebExtensions API. The button’s context menu 
>>>>> is a very important part (50%) of the extension’s functionality, 
>>>>> and alien items are totally undesired there. I can’t use popup 
>>>>> instead because pressing the button (via left click) is used for a 
>>>>> different purpose (the first 50% of the extension’s 
>>>>> functionality). Thanks.
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