Make browserAction's menu contain _solely_ its own custom items

Marat Tanalin mtanalin at
Sat Oct 7 00:43:07 UTC 2017

07.10.2017, 03:33, "Michael Buckley" <support at>:
> What I would like to see for this kind of situations is what we used to
> have with button type "menu-button."
> Type "menu-button" used to make a button that had a drop maker, so
> pressing the button itself would run the action, and pressing the drop
> maker would open the menu.

Thanks for the idea, Michael. For me, such combined buttons have low usability: it’s hard to hit exactly the narrow arrow area of the button. So I would prefer not to use such buttons in UI of my apps or extensions at all.

On the other hand, having such ability would probably be better than nothing. That said, I still hope the WebExtensions API will evolve much, once its basic feature set is stabilized / bug-free.

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