Make browserAction's menu contain _solely_ its own custom items

Michael Buckley support at
Sat Oct 7 00:33:34 UTC 2017

What I would like to see for this kind of situations is what we used to 
have with button type "menu-button."  Right now we only have the 
equivalents of "button" (if no popup is assigned) and "menu" (if a popup 
is assigned).

Type "menu-button" used to make a button that had a drop maker, so 
pressing the button itself would run the action, and pressing the drop 
maker would open the menu.

Any thoughts on how this would work for you Marat Tanalin? Should I make 
a bug asking for this?  Or is this kind of ui not really desired?


P.S. sorry Marat Tanalin I don't use mailing lists often and I hit the 
wrong reply button.  May bad, this one is going to the list.

On 7/10/17 10:51 am, Marat Tanalin wrote:
> Oh, thanks, Andrew.
> As a temporary workaround, I could imagine left-clicking a pageAction button to show the menu that I would otherwise display via right-clicking the browserAction button.
> And then the next question arises: how to associate a _regular_ (context-like) menu (not an HTML popup) with the pageAction button’s `command` event (_left_ click)?
> 07.10.2017, 02:36, "Andrew McKay" <amckay at>:
>> You can't.
>> You could file a bug to request that, but I'm pretty sure it won't go
>> far. Users should be able to retain a standard interface to the
>> toolbar buttons and be able to interact with them in a consistent way.
>> On 6 October 2017 at 16:16, Marat Tanalin <mtanalin at> wrote:
>>>   Hello. How to make browserAction button’s context menu (opened via right click) contain _solely_ its own custom items and no any predefined items? Currently the menu also contains browser’s predefined items that have nothing to do with my extension.
>>>   Fwiw, I currently investigate ways to port my UsableHomeButton [1] extension to the WebExtensions API. The button’s context menu is a very important part (50%) of the extension’s functionality, and alien items are totally undesired there. I can’t use popup instead because pressing the button (via left click) is used for a different purpose (the first 50% of the extension’s functionality). Thanks.
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