This week's push is done! (2017.10.05)

tofumatt (Matthew Riley MacPherson) mmacpherson at
Thu Oct 5 19:22:30 UTC 2017

This week's push is done! Apparently we ran into some AWS capacity limits for the kinds of instances we use, but that got fixed and then the deploy went fine, but between the capacity delays and a last-minute tag hot fix it went out about an hour later than usual.

We pushed some last-minute fixes to the new home page carousel as Phil wanted to use it for some user testing.

This week’s music recommendation is inspired by me noticing At the Drive-In released a new album this year (and it’s pretty damn good!). I found out about At the Drive-In from a band that followed in their wake: The Mars Volta. The album that got me into them is definitely their first LP: De-Loused in the Comatorium. It’s a very 2000s-era prog rock album (a bit more frenetic and opiate-fueled than something like Rush), with a fair bit of latin influences. It’s a great listen, even if it makes no sense. (The chorus of the song I’m currently listening to is: "Exoskeletal junction at the railroad delayed”. Yup.)

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