Install date vs. enabled date for extension settings overrides

Bob Silverberg bsilverberg at
Thu Oct 5 16:53:26 UTC 2017

Mark and I were having a discussion about the ExtensionSettingsStore with
regards to the search engine setting and Jazz, and came to the realization
that we may have an issue with the way precedence is designed around
re-enabling extensions.

Here's a scenario:

Extension A is installed, which changes the home page to
Extension B is installed, which changes the home page to
This gets control as the most recently installed extension.
Both extensions are disabled (the order doesn't matter), which restores the
home page to its default value.

The user changes their mind and re-enables Extension B, setting the home
page to once again.
The user decides they actually liked the other home page better, so they
re-enable Extension A, expecting the home page to change to, but it does not. It remains as

This is because currently the precedence is based on extension install
date, and ignores enabled date.

The only way for a user to have Extension A in control again is to disable
Extension B.

Does this sound like something we should fix, or does this sound like the
desired behaviour?

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