Survey results: web-ext

Andrew McKay amckay at
Wed Oct 4 23:11:34 UTC 2017

A while back we sent out a survey about web-ext. Apologies for
reporting the results so late, but I got a bit caught up in 57. If you
missed it and you want to tell us about web-ext, please go to, we'd love your feedback.

Here's my summarization of the results from 26 respondents,

73.1% of responders use web-ext.

Some of the reasons give for not using web-ext where:
* lack of webextensions APIs
* storage API not being persistent
* no chrome support
* don't know what its for

Which feature do you use the most?
* run (89.5%)
* build (68.4%)
* lint (31.6%)
* sign (15.8%)

Which feature would you like to see?
* Support for a config file to specify options (26.3%)
  > Bug

* Ability to push listed add-ons to AMO (26.3%)
   > Bug added.

* Improved testing options for your extension (21.1%)
* Ability to create extensions from pre-defined extensions (10.5%)
...The rest had one or less responses.

Anything else you want to tell us about web-ext?
* Creating a fresh session every time is cumbersome

* web-ext is a great addition to the add-on developer, thanks.

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