This week's push is done! (2017.11.30)

Matthew Riley MacPherson mmacpherson at
Thu Nov 30 21:52:08 UTC 2017

This week's push is done!

Notes: <>

    None, a quiet, uneventful push :-)

Next Push:
    cgrebs <>

Note next week will be the last push for some time, according to our holiday push schedule.

This week’s music recommendation is an EP “The Phoenix EP" by a band Pyramid, which I can’t seem to find on Spotify… but it’s on Apple Music and YouTube. Anyway, the choice track is “The Phoenix” with a great verse by Willy Wesly–listen here: <>. It’s got a great build-up and good beats–I’ve been listening to it a tonne this month whilst working. Let me know if you can find any other Willy Wesly stuff–I dig his flow but can’t seem to find many tracks online.

- Matthew Riley MacPherson
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