Report 2 problems related to Firefox extension development

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Thu Nov 9 02:07:38 UTC 2017

Hi Luca

Excellent! It works now.

So appreciate for all your help!

Wei Huang

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By looking at the manifest.json included in the zip file attached in your previous email,
I see that the content script related to the facebook settings urls is the only one where the jquery file is in camel case:


while in the other content script is in lower case:


Here is the related fragments from the manifest.json:

            "all_frames": true,
            "css": [],
            "js": [
                "TMToolbar/3rd_party/jquery-3.2.1.js",      <======== lower case
            "matches": [
            "all_frames": false,
            "js": [
                "TMToolbar/3rd_party/jQuery-3.2.1.js",      <======== camel case
            "matches": [
            "run_at": "document_end"

This would also explain why the issue is not triggered when the files are loaded directly from the filesystem (e.g. when loading the extension temporarily from a directory with the extension unpacked) because (at least if I recall correctly) on OSX the filesystem is "case insensitive" and so the jquery file is going to be found and loaded correctly even if the filename is not in the right "case", but that is not true when the files are loaded from the xpi and so it is going to fail to load the ones that are not in the right "case" (which seems to be the case only for the one related to the facebook settings urls).



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