WebExtensions API Policy - DRAFT REVIEW

Mike Conca mconca at mozilla.com
Thu Nov 9 00:22:02 UTC 2017

With the upcoming release of Firefox Quantum in less than a week, Firefox
will complete the nearly two-year transition to a WebExtensions
architecture for add-on development. From Mozilla, our deepest thanks to
all of the extension developers who've made the journey with us, you have
our sincerest gratitude.

The journey is only getting started, though. Many more WebExtension API are
already proposed, and we are always listening for even more great ideas. To
help prioritize all of the requests and ideas, we are documenting both the
Policy and Process for approving new WebExtension APIs. The Policy
describes whether something should be an API, while the Process explains
how something becomes an API.

The link below is the initial draft of the WebExtensions API Policy
document. As a member of the extension development community, you are
invited to review and comment.


Again, the Policy document is only the first step. The Process document is
also being drafted and will be sent out for review when it is ready.

Thank you.

Mike Conca
Product Manager, Firefox WebExtensions
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