Adding our existing self-served add-on to the Mozilla Store

Boris Berkman sbx.shopearn at
Tue Nov 7 12:48:26 UTC 2017


Sorry if this info has already been covered earlier. I tried, but couldn't
find the answer. And thank you in advance for any answers/hints/links/etc.

We have recently ported our Add-On to WebExtensions API, so it now shares
the code with our Google Chrome extension that was in the Google Store for
a while now.

Historically, to avoid review waiting times, we would not try to publish
our extension on - opting out to sign our add-on
and serve it from our site instead.

Supposedly (per
times-get-shorter/), with Web Extensions we should now have a chance to get
our signed extension to without any wait.
Is that correct?
That is, if I have some warnings when I sign our extension, will it be
automatically added to the store if I choose that option when signing, or
will we still have to wait for manual review?
Also, if I already have a signed version of extension (the latest is,
can it be just simply sent to or do I have to
upload a new version for that?

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