Report 2 problems related to Firefox extension development

Luca Greco lgreco at
Mon Nov 6 20:48:01 UTC 2017

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 9:23 PM, Mike Lissner <mike at> wrote:

> OK, so we already have the debugger for the background page. Can we add an
> option in there so it shows the content page's messages? I think that'd go
> a long ways towards simplifying things.

The Addon Debugger is not only for the background page, it is for all the
extension pages (popup extension pages, sidebar extension pages, devtools
panels extension pages).

The content page and the related content scripts are in a different process
(the child extension processes) and so we cannot add an option to the Addon
Debugging window, it cannot currently collect messages related to a process
different from the one that it is connected to (this is part of the
"architectural changes" mentioned in the previous email).

> It'd be great if we could also make it hide the browser related and
> webpage related messages too, so it really only showed stuff related to
> your extension.

Yes, the Addon Debugging window is going to filter out everything that is
not related to the extension, once the errors produced by the WebExtension
internals can all be recognized as part of the extension errors to show
(currently there are many places that can potentially log errors related to
the extension, and they would be wrongly filtered out because they are
logged internally and not raised to the extension code, but they still have
to be visible so that the extension developer can be aware of them), as we
are already doing for the console messages produce by the extension
(because they are all marked with the extension id).
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