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Mon Nov 6 20:23:20 UTC 2017

OK, so we already have the debugger for the background page. Can we add an
option in there so it shows the content page's messages? I think that'd go
a long ways towards simplifying things.

It'd be great if we could also make it hide the browser related and webpage
related messages too, so it really only showed stuff related to your


On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 12:16 PM Luca Greco <lgreco at> wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 7:59 PM, Mike Lissner <mike at> wrote:
>> Wow. But until then, we should be watching *three* consoles for errors.
>> Good lord. Is there any way to merge these consoles? I mean, big picture,
>> we shouldn't be expected to check two or three places every time we have an
>> error. It's madness.
>> And so there will still be two debuggers that can be pauses in the two
>>> different processes.
>> I get this on a technical level. But I think it's worth considering if
>> there's a way to do this better. Is there *any* way both processes can show
>> up in the same debugger window? What would it take? Can we at least merge
>> their console logging somehow? It's insane to watch two (or more, for the
>> time being) places for errors — to say nothing of using two debuggers
>> simultaneously. I imagine this won't be easy, but it feels very necessary
>> to me.
> Unfortunately allowing a debugger window to be able to connect multiple
> processes at the same time requires architectural changes to both the
> server and the client components of the developer tools (which are shared
> by the webpage debugging tools, the browser debugging tools and the
> extensions debugging tools), and it is the kind of changes that I would
> consider as an option only if/once these kind of architectural changes are
> going to be introduced in these shared DevTools components, besides the
> extensions debugging scenario.
> Provide a console panel which merges the errors coming from the different
> child processes would be definitely an easier alternative,
> and such an Addon Console window, using a strategy similar to the one used
> for the Browser Console, could collect all the errors produced by a target
> extension
> in the different processes into a single view (but filter out anything
> that is not an error raised by a given target extension).
> Chrome provides something similar that can be opened from an "Errors" link
> that appears in the chrome://extensions/ page on an extension with errors
> (but iirc it doesn't list the errors raised in content scripts, which are
> only visible from the tab developer tools).
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