Report 2 problems related to Firefox extension development

Mike Lissner mike at
Mon Nov 6 18:59:29 UTC 2017

Thanks for the detailed response. It's helpful and I hope others find this
useful too.

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 10:19 AM Luca Greco <lgreco at> wrote:

> Yes, Bug 1410932 is exactly about that: make the content script errors
> visible in the tab developer toolbox.

I can't overstate how irritating this bug is now that I know about it. I
hope this is considered a priority (though I know you have many priorities!)

> And if the script throwing the error is the first script in the manifest
>> array, then the entire extension won't show up in the debugger?
> Just the content scripts, all the other extension pages are not affected
> by a loading error on a content script url.

OK, but for the tab where the content script is running, if the first
script crashes, the extension straight-up won't show up in the debugger,

That was a frustration I emailed this list about last week. Sure, the
extension will show up in the background page debugger, but if the content
script debugger doesn't show your extension, it's pretty hard to get
anything done. Especially if no errors show up in the *two* consoles you're
looking at.

Once all the errors produced by the extension pages and the extension
>> content scripts are always associated to the related extension [...] the
>> Browser Console should only be necessary to check if an issue in the
>> extension is related to a bug in the WebExtensions internals.
Wow. But until then, we should be watching *three* consoles for errors.
Good lord. Is there any way to merge these consoles? I mean, big picture,
we shouldn't be expected to check two or three places every time we have an
error. It's madness.

And so there will still be two debuggers that can be pauses in the two
> different processes.

I get this on a technical level. But I think it's worth considering if
there's a way to do this better. Is there *any* way both processes can show
up in the same debugger window? What would it take? Can we at least merge
their console logging somehow? It's insane to watch two (or more, for the
time being) places for errors — to say nothing of using two debuggers
simultaneously. I imagine this won't be easy, but it feels very necessary
to me.

Thanks again for your comments,

Mike Lissner
Executive Director
Free Law Project
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