This week's push is done (2017.11.02) and our new frontend is live!

Christopher Grebs cgrebs at
Thu Nov 2 17:57:59 UTC 2017

I have the ultimate honour to proudly present our new which is the result of at least 1.5 years of
hard, non-stop work, ups, downs, emotions, parties and curses.

Congratulations to everyone involved in development, planning, designing,
testing and all other stages. I'll just refer to our blog post -
- for more details about what's so impressive about our new page.

In summary: It's shiny, fast, super-fast, mega-fast, totally up-to-date
technically and the result of a tremendous amount of commitment.

Today is indeed a great start to a full month of great releases ahead of us.


Next Push:

Next Push:

There are so many good songs to describe a moment like that. But I'll try
to describe it with - Madsen
with Lass die Musik an - which is what I hear right now and dancing to on
my standing desk. Happy partying!
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