Where did moz-extension:// go?

Andrew Swan aswan at mozilla.com
Wed Nov 1 00:37:06 UTC 2017

On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 3:23 PM, Mike Lissner <mike at free.law> wrote:

> Does the script disappear when you take some particular action?  (eg, are
>> you navigating to a new page or anything?)
> Not that I've been able to tell. It *might* be related to reloading the
> extension, but I honestly can't tell. So far it's been rather intermittent.
> The solution is always the same though. Reload the extension manually, then
> reload the page, and boom, it shows up again. It's making me crazy,
> FWIW.... :)

Well its certainly expected that when you reload the extension, the content
script from the old version of the extension disappears.  If your content
scripts are based on a fixed pattern in the manifest, then they should be
re-injected when the new version of the extension is loaded.  Though if
you're editing something in the extension, its possible that the new
version has some error that causes either the whole extension or your
content script to fail to load?  In any case, as with any bug, getting to
more reliable steps for reproduction is really crucial for being able to
make progress.

> You're probably not interested, but I'm happy to try to reproduce on a
> video call or something. I'm in Berkeley, CA, so PST time zone.

I'm also in Berkeley :-)  We could start in IRC if that works for you, I'm
usually around during standard PDT working hours.  And others in the
#webextensions channel can help too.


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