WebExtensions API for injecting CSS into browser window.

Robert 'Bobby' Zenz Robert.Zenz at bonsaimind.org
Sat Feb 25 09:43:12 UTC 2017

Hello everyone.

I have a hard time finding information on how to inject CSS into a
browser window. I don't mean into a webpage, but the browser itself.

A little bit of background here, I have written three addons which are
utilizing the SyleSheetService to inject "dynamic" CSS styles to change
the browser appearance. As far as I understand the transition to
WebExtensions, this API will go away. But I have a hard time finding
any information on a replacement, if there is one. All I could dig up
is the Tabs.insertCSS call which allows to inject CSS into a webpage,
but not the browser itself.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Best Regards,

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