This week's push is done! (2017.08.31)

tofumatt (Matthew Riley MacPherson) mmacpherson at
Thu Aug 31 18:19:13 UTC 2017

This week's push is done! Everything went smoothly and things look good.

I've decided I'm going to spice up my push emails with a music recommendation every push. Maybe we can all do it and recommend some good tunes to each other?

Does anyone remember Paramore? They made pretty meh pop punk stuff for years (well, I liked it but I have a soft spot for stuff like that). Anyway, they released a new album in May and it just came onto my radar. It's super fun–poppy, sort of a bit of retro flair to it! If you wanna check it out here's the first single: It's certainly a departure for them. The album is After Laughter, here’s the Spotify link:



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