Totally automatic Chrome extension conversion to AMO?

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Tue Aug 29 20:24:14 UTC 2017

The best thing would be for each extension author to port their own and
upload to . We have this tool which will help: I don't think an automatic conversion would
be very helpful because it complicates ownership and future updates.

On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 12:07 PM Mike Lissner <mike at> wrote:

> I've been wondering: is there a way that Mozilla could automatically
> import every extension in the Chrome Web Store? Has any discussion about
> this already happened?
> I'm just realizing that:
> 1. There are probably thousands of extensions that could be automatically
> imported from Chrome,
> 2. When FF57 goes live, the AMO is going to lose a LOT of its ecosystem.
> What if there was a way to do this better? There's not much time, but an
> announcement about this now (even if the work isn't done yet) could go a
> long ways to making people happy before the big FF57 upgrade breaks all
> their extensions.
> Doing this inoffensively might be tricky, but what if there was a bot that:
> 1. Found popular extensions in the Chrome Web Store
> 2. Checked their manifest info to see if they're roughly compatible
> 3. Checked their links to see if there's a github repo
> 4. If so, created a pull request with any necessary changes
> 5. Created a new issue explaining that FF extensions are roughly
> compatible now, and that there's a PR that might already work.
> You'd also want to explain how to deploy the new version to AMO (maybe
> provide an AMO deployment script?)
> None of that is easy, obviously, but if it brought in even a few hundred
> of the top extensions from Chrome, that'd be pretty amazing.
> As it is now, I keep seeing extensions on the Chrome store that I want
> (I'm using FF57 already), and I'm frustrated that they aren't already
> available. They should be! It's going to be a rough transition for a LOT of
> people. This could make it a lot smoother by changing the narrative:
> Before: Dang, half of my extensions broke, this sucks! I guess I'm screwed
> for a while until the ecosystem recovers.
> After: Dang, half my extensions broke, but at least I can install most of
> the extensions from the Chrome store!
> An alternative approach: What if it were possible to install from the
> Chrome Web Store, even as an experimental thing? That might push Chrome
> Extension developers to get moving on updating their extensions?
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