Totally automatic Chrome extension conversion to AMO?

Mike Lissner mike at
Tue Aug 29 17:07:01 UTC 2017

I've been wondering: is there a way that Mozilla could automatically import
every extension in the Chrome Web Store? Has any discussion about this
already happened?

I'm just realizing that:

1. There are probably thousands of extensions that could be automatically
imported from Chrome,
2. When FF57 goes live, the AMO is going to lose a LOT of its ecosystem.

What if there was a way to do this better? There's not much time, but an
announcement about this now (even if the work isn't done yet) could go a
long ways to making people happy before the big FF57 upgrade breaks all
their extensions.

Doing this inoffensively might be tricky, but what if there was a bot that:

1. Found popular extensions in the Chrome Web Store
2. Checked their manifest info to see if they're roughly compatible
3. Checked their links to see if there's a github repo
4. If so, created a pull request with any necessary changes
5. Created a new issue explaining that FF extensions are roughly compatible
now, and that there's a PR that might already work.

You'd also want to explain how to deploy the new version to AMO (maybe
provide an AMO deployment script?)

None of that is easy, obviously, but if it brought in even a few hundred of
the top extensions from Chrome, that'd be pretty amazing.

As it is now, I keep seeing extensions on the Chrome store that I want (I'm
using FF57 already), and I'm frustrated that they aren't already available.
They should be! It's going to be a rough transition for a LOT of people.
This could make it a lot smoother by changing the narrative:

Before: Dang, half of my extensions broke, this sucks! I guess I'm screwed
for a while until the ecosystem recovers.
After: Dang, half my extensions broke, but at least I can install most of
the extensions from the Chrome store!

An alternative approach: What if it were possible to install from the
Chrome Web Store, even as an experimental thing? That might push Chrome
Extension developers to get moving on updating their extensions?


Mike Lissner
Executive Director
Free Law Project
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