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Thu Aug 24 16:24:58 UTC 2017

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There is a page on the Mozilla wiki about Intercepting Page Loads
- unfortunately, this is of course now outdated, but I have no idea how to
port these concepts.

The problem is that webRequest does not differential between items loaded
on a page and the load of a deliberately-visited page itself. I've read
through all of the events in the examples repo/docs and I don't see anyway
to differentiate between page loads and contents on a page.

Is there a way to intercept a deliberately loaded page before it loads,
without having to inspect in-transit HTTP requests?

For context, this is for a new ad-blocking project: - the issue is that I'd like to
selectively disable the plugin via visiting urls with a `#showpoop` anchor,
so I need this feature to be able to dynamically disable my filtering.

Thanks very much!


PS - It's 2017, and Mozilla is a security-minded company - can you PLEASE
switch to mailing list software/configuration which doesn't a) store my
password in plaintext and b) friggin' email it back to me in plaintext for
no reason! What the heck guys!
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