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Thu Aug 17 04:22:20 UTC 2017

Hi Jorge,

many thanks for the fast reply. 
In any case, the restore from the saved profile would be done from FF42
to FF42.
So it does not matter that the addons were disabled prior to saving the
profile? You know, I had to disable them all so that I can reach the ?
-> Troubleshooting tab -> Show folder button. So, no problem they were
disabled prior to profile saving, would I still after restoration to a
new intallation of the very same FF42 find them as disabled and be able
to easily enable them even if there would no longer be any repository in
the future at Mozilla available?
Anyway, I am just after the addons and individual twaks they or me do in
thee about:config
Have a nice day and thank you very much in advance for clarifying

  rus1234 at fastmail.fm

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017, at 11:19 AM, Jorge Villalobos wrote:
> The add-ons metadata storage (addons.json, currently) has changed
> occasionally in backward-incompatible ways. Depending on which version
> you use to back up and which version you use to restore that data, it
> could not work as you expect. However, you can just copy the contents of
> the "extensions" directory, which hasn't really changed for as long as I
> can remember. You lose the disabled/enabled/blocked status when you
> restore them, but it should be relatively easy to disable them after
> that's done, if that's what you want.
> The add-ons being listed on AMO or not doesn't affect any of this.
> Jorge
> On 8/16/17 9:50 AM, rus1234 at fastmail.fm wrote:
> > Hi again,
> > 
> > please, if I can kindly ask you - as I disable my installed addon
> > collection and back-up the profile in .../AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/... I
> > want to ask you if the back-up of disabled addons is any good, i.e. if
> > when reinstalling the profile to Firefox I would be able to easily
> > switch the addon on to Enabled, even if no Mozilla Firefox repository is
> > available at that point in time in the future?
> > many thanks for a brief explanation!
> > 

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