FF addons

Jorge Villalobos jorge at mozilla.com
Thu Aug 17 15:26:12 UTC 2017

If you backed up your whole profile and will restore it on the same
version of Firefox, the disabled states of your add-ons should be kept
in the same state. I was just pointing out that there are cases where
this might not happen.


On 8/16/17 10:22 PM, rus1234 at fastmail.fm wrote:
> Hi Jorge,
> many thanks for the fast reply. 
> In any case, the restore from the saved profile would be done from FF42
> to FF42.
> So it does not matter that the addons were disabled prior to saving the
> profile? You know, I had to disable them all so that I can reach the ?
> -> Troubleshooting tab -> Show folder button. So, no problem they were
> disabled prior to profile saving, would I still after restoration to a
> new intallation of the very same FF42 find them as disabled and be able
> to easily enable them even if there would no longer be any repository in
> the future at Mozilla available?
> Anyway, I am just after the addons and individual twaks they or me do in
> thee about:config
> Have a nice day and thank you very much in advance for clarifying

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