PSA: Legacy extensions disabled by default on Nightly

Mathieu Pillard mpillard at
Sun Aug 13 12:44:14 UTC 2017

On 13/08/2017 14:20, Kevin Jones wrote:
> Thanks Andrew :-)
> I want to mention that on the AMO site, legacy addons now appear with 
> a greyed-out "install" button.  This happens when even in Nightly with 
> `extensions.legacy.enabled=true`.  The pref works and I can run legacy 
> extensions, but the AMO site does not allow the user to install 
> updates, including fixes for addons broken by removal of deprecated code.

One workaround for this is to set 
"extensions.checkCompatibility.nightly" to false in about:config. This 
will force nightly to ask AMO to ignore compatibility information when 
updating extensions. Do this at your own risk though, ignoring 
compatibility usually leads to broken add-ons.

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