Mirroring AMO history (was Re: FF addons)

Jorge Villalobos jorge at mozilla.com
Mon Aug 7 21:22:33 UTC 2017

I think you can use the API[1] to enumerate all listed add-ons, and the
download URL for the latest version is easily predictable using the ID.


[1] http://addons-server.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/api/addons.html

On 8/7/17 5:51 AM, The Wanderer wrote:
> On 2017-08-04 at 13:37, Jorge Villalobos wrote:
>> On 8/4/17 12:29 AM, rus1234 at fastmail.fm wrote:
>>> Dear Jorge,
>>> thank you for letting me know - is there a way for me to locally
>>> archive the addons I am interested in because I may need to do a
>>> reinstall after one year, at a time when they would no longer be
>>> available in Mozilla repository? Can Mozilla please archive and
>>> continue making public on the internet all the work that developers
>>> put into creating these legacy Firefox addons as it stands now?
>> We have no plans for this. The Internet Archive keeps good
>> historical records of AMO, but I don't know how they fare with
>> installer files.
> How much space would be required for a full mirror of AMO (if necessary
> limited to data-only, i.e. without any of the code which runs the site),
> and how would one go about requesting a dump / export of the current
> archive (including historical versions) in order to create such
> a mirror?
> I have a fair bit of space available, albeit not in a public-facing
> position (at least for the currently foreseeable future), and I might be
> interested in preserving the full history of available AMO addons.
> Even if I end up not being able to do that, I'm sure at least one of the
> various Firefox fork projects will want to preserve the addons which are
> compatible with their fork, which may well be most of them.
> (I'm glad I checked in and noticed this thread; it hadn't occurred to me
> that Mozilla might drop the long tail of addons from AMO entirely, ever,
> although in hindsight doing so makes perfect sense with the mindset
> which leads to dropping support for such addons in the first place.)
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