August 8 WebExtensions APIs Triage

Caitlin Neiman cneiman at
Mon Aug 7 19:57:55 UTC 2017

Hi all,

The following WebExtensions APIs will be sorted and prioritized at the
August triage meeting at 17:30 UTC/10:30am Pacific. If any of these APIs
impact or interest you, please join us. For more information about the
meeting, please visit the triage wiki

   - Bug 1376394 - Allow WebExtensions to read preference
   <> - see for use case
   - Bug 1385073 <> -
   Add excludeDocumentUrlPatterns/excludeTargetUrlPatterns options to
   - Bug 1351663 <> -
   Add sameSite attribute (no_restriction, lax, strict) to browser.cookies API
   - Bug 1386428 <> -
   Allow WebExtensions to access the URL from which they were installed
   - Bug 1331906 <> - type: windowType: popup. The window created desn't
   - Bug 1373175 <> -
   Cannot suppress escape keypress event in WebExtension in Firefox

If you would like to submit a WebExtensions Experiment
<> for feedback,
kindly file an issue <>
on Github and let us know.


Caitlin Neiman
Community Manager, Add-ons
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