Intent to Implement: WebExtensions sessions API

Bob Silverberg bsilverberg at
Mon Oct 3 17:03:57 UTC 2016

We plan to implement the sessions API for Firefox WebExtensions. This is
based on the chrome.sessions API, the docs for which can be found at [1].

The API includes three methods and one event:

- getRecentlyClosed, which returns an array of sessions which were recently
closed. Each session could be a tab or a window.
- getDevices, which returns an array of devices for which synced sessions
exist. Each device contains an array of open window sessions for the
device. Note that these devices will be devices from Firefox Sync.
- restore, which reopens a closed window or tab, and optionally executes a
callback once the session is restored.

- onChanged, which is fired when recently closed tabs and/or windows are
changed. It does not monitor synced sessions.

Note that there may be other features of Firefox's current implementation
of SessionStore and Sync that could be candidates to add to this API, but
for now we are only going to implement the above features to match the
behaviour of chrome.sessions.

Please reply with any feedback or questions you have about this.


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