Requesting WebExtensions Equivalents for More XUL/XPCOM Extensions

Tony Schilling tlschilling at
Sun Nov 6 17:21:04 UTC 2016

My add-on, Cookie Monster, is nearly 10 years old and therefore, used
XUL/XPCOM APIs.  In order for me to convert Cookie Monster to a
WebExtension, There are several API equivalents I would need:


There may be others, but I have not yet delved fully into this.

I would imagine these APIs are commonly used, so am hopeful a WebExtensions
equivalent is planned?  If not, may I request these?

Also, I only want to have to convert my add-on once, assuming it can be
updated?  If an API will not have a WebExtensions equivalent, are there
other options?

Thank you,

Cookie Monster
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