Completing FxA Transition

Andrew McKay amckay at
Wed Aug 24 16:53:25 UTC 2016

A heads up, we've completed all these tasks. We are aiming to complete
this in the push next week (August 31st) and flip the flag to no
longer allow legacy logins.

On 18 July 2016 at 10:54, Andrew McKay <amckay at> wrote:
> Just a heads up, that over the coming month or so we are hoping to
> complete the Firefox Accounts transition. This basically means turning
> off legacy logins and only allowing Firefox Accounts logins on AMO.
> Over 84% of developers who have logged in on AMO since we launched
> Firefox Account have transitioned to Firefox Accounts logins.
> To complete this transition we are planning on doing the following:
> * emailing all developers who have an account on AMO to ensure they
> know of the change and encourage them to migrate
> * writing a blog post outlining the change
> * putting the current old login flow behind a flag so we can turn that
> off when we are ready
> Just to re-iterate, once we make the change and turn off old style
> logins, users will still be able to access their account as long as
> their register with same email address with Firefox Accounts.
> Once the flag is complete, we'll wait a week or two and then:
> * delete all code related to the old login flow
> * remove all remaining password hashes from AMO
> There's a few security bugs in bugzilla we'll be closing as a result
> of this, but most of the work is in github here:

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