Iteration planning for FxA on AMO

Andy McKay amckay at
Thu Nov 5 00:46:32 UTC 2015

This was the first bi-weekly planning meeting on FxA for AMO. This meeting is a public meeting and is on the add-ons calendar [1].


* most of the meeting got into discussion about potential plans for how FxA will be implemented, they are: run AMO login and FxA login at the same time and having a hard switch over with a period for preparedness. There was another option, but I kinda dismissed that one arbitrarily.
* we’ll try to get some more details on those plans and get some feedback
* we think at this stage we can continue with a first pass of bugs whilst the UX is being discussed
* there was some brief discussion on bugs [ ]

870 Convert an existing account to FxA login
869 Waffle old registration system
868 Show account info form if account was created
867 Support creating accounts with FxA API
866 Add a CSRF token to the FxA state parameter
865 Use the returned FxA authentication token to log the user in
864 Add a new login endpoint to handle FxA authentication
863 Kick off FxA login from the frontend
862 Generate config needed to begin FxA authentication
814 Use Firefox Accounts on AMO

The next meeting is for 45.2 on November 16th in Add-ons Vidyo room [2].


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