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I blogged about our progress. Don't forget the meeting at 3PM PST in the
Whistler Conference Centre (Room Harmony A)

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Hi all,

I wanted to share some links & information ahead of our 60 FPS/Content Perf
meeting this afternoon.

As you may know, the Perf team has been studying content performance on
Android & Windows over the last few weeks using 3 reference sites: Twitter,
Facebook, and Yahoo Search. We're trying to find reproducible, meaningful,
and common use cases on popular sites which result in noticeable
performance problems or where Firefox performs significantly worse than
competitors. These use cases will be broken down into tests or profiles,
and handed over to the platform teams for optimization.

I wrote up our findings so far here:

I'll soon start publishing biweekly blog posts with our progress here:

You can also track our efforts on our mailing list and IRC channel:

*Mailing list: *https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/contentperf
*IRC channel:* #contentperf

See you soon,

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