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Thu Aug 27 22:14:11 UTC 2015

I filed a bug here:

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 5:12 PM, Vladan Djeric <vdjeric at> wrote:

> I would like us to look into mouse-wheel scrolling smoothness as part of
> content-perf. I noticed that IE and Edge scroll much smoother than Firefox
> on a variety of Windows machines. I think this might be down to our
> smooth-scroll implementation/configs.
> I'd like others to reproduce my impressions, and if we can confirm them,
> then I'd like to request the gfx team to make the changes. Of course, we
> should wrap up our current content-perf investigations first.
> Evaluation procedure:
> 1. Start e10s Nightly with APZ=on smoothscroll=on (defaults) on a Windows
> 7/8.1/10 machine
> 2. Load the following URL :
> 3. Scroll the page down to a text-heavy part of the article, position the
> cursor over text.
> 4. Using the mouse-wheel:
>    - scroll up or down over the article text by a single mouse-wheel
>    "click" at a time. Does the scroll animation for one mouse-wheel click look
>    "bad" to you?
>       - Compare vs IE or Edge
>       - scroll up or down over the article text by rolling the
>    mouse-wheel by about 3 clicks. How does the animation look?
>       - Compare vs IE or Edge
> Post back on this mailing list with your observations. I tested with the
> Win 8.1 HP 14t reference laptop, Win7 Lenovo W520, Win 8.1 Lenovo X1
> Carbon, and a Win 10 desktop with an Nvidia GTS 450 GPU. The single-click
> and three-click mouse-wheel scrolls consistently looked smoother in IE and
> Edge. Others I showed it to around the office agreed with my assesment. I
> also tested against Chrome, but there wasn't a consensus on Firefox vs
> Chrome.
> Vladan
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