[CBT] Radical Participation Idea: Slow Down

Benny Chandra bennychandra at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 23:15:55 PST 2014

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 1:45 AM, Larissa Shapiro <lshapiro at mozilla.com>

>  Thanks for this, Benny.
> I want to extend your thought on recognition, which I 100% agree with, we
> need a comprehensive and trackable way to build recognition and make it
> equitable. I agree with you in the potential impacts as well, and would
> love to discuss this with you further as to what your ideas are for such a
> system.

Thanks for your respond, Larissa.

Yes, equitable! Something that I didn't see clearly during this year.

Honestly, a lack of equitable recognitions that I saw in the last couple of
months made me have no new good story to keep encouraging and inspiring
mozillians in my regional to become (more) active contributors.

I really like to discuss this further, to continue the discussion about
recognition at CBT Meetup in SF last year or we can restart from the
beginning. I hope Mozilla will give more attention about this before we go
faster to reach the target a million mozillians or we only get the
quantity, not quality.

> I feel that the current systems can also fall down when it comes to how we
> build leadership and cultivate new leaders within communities (regional,
> product, functional, you name the communities, we struggle with this) - we
> need to be clear on how people become leaders and how we develop leadership
> skills in more community members, so that we have depth and breadth and
> strength of leadership all over the project. This is also something that
> requires slowing down, seeing people's leadership qualities, and building
> specific ways to support them.

I agree. Build leadership and cultivate new leaders are necessary. We
shouldn't favor someone suddenly become a new leader in his/her local
community without any strong and clear reasons.

Talk about build leadership in community, is there any SOP on Mozilla Wiki
to elect community manager/leader for local community, the criteria (must
be a Reps member/mentor or not, years of contribution, etc) and how to
handle the conflict between the candidates (incl. how far staff can be
involved inside the conflict)?

I couldn't find it on Mozilla Wiki.

> Slowing down allows us to see and know more about who we are as a
> community, and build on the strength we have as well as grow it.

Agree! :)

Benny Chandra
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