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Emma Irwin emma.irwin at gmail.com
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Speaking specifically of community building -  I'm not sure we should think
of human outcomes as a similar structure to shipping software.  Designing
for participation is designing for people, there is no 'same page', anymore
than there is any same person, so we can be as distributed as we are and
still pick up speed - through availability of mentorship and guidance.

Even as Majken's  onboarding example demonstrates the first contributor
successes needs to happen long before a first *actual* contribution or pull
request.  Designing for humans is about ensuring people feel empowered and
valued in the process - so they actually *stay*, and reach the point of
contribution.  And I'm not just talking about beginners - there are
seriously skilled people turning up in our community to help, who also get
tired of waiting for responses, or don't get the simple mentorship they
need to have impact.

If we are deliberate about the humanness , in designing for contributors
personas supported by thoughtful education and mentorship support, I
believe that those who want to go fast - can, and those who want to be more
deliberate will get there too.  That the collective speed can increase.

I think Reps has been good at this, and why we're thinking even more about
how mentorship  can be core to all we can achieve.   I also that's why
Mozilla Guides has the potential to teach us a lot about what what people
want to do, learn and make - and why placing people in in key areas (like
the beginning), will tell us a lot about how to help them.

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 11:36 AM, David Boswell <dboswell at mozilla.com>

> With a week to go before the Portland work week, I wanted to get everyone
> thinking about what radical participation ideas we could talk about and
> refine while we're together.
> I just blogged another idea about how we could enable more participation
> by slowing down.  Mozilla is not a small start-up where everyone is
> physically together in the same space and information doesn't spread
> quickly.  In this setting, if things are moving too fast then no one is on
> the same page and coordinating becomes very difficult.
> My post also links to a Harvard Business Review article called 'Need
> Speed? Slow Down' that talks about the difference between operational speed
> and strategic speed.  If we focus on strategic speed instead of operational
> speed we should be optimizing for alignment and open discussions and this
> will make us more effective long-term.
> http://davidwboswell.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/radical-participation-idea-slow-down/
> Feel free to comment on the post or on this thread with any feedback on
> the idea of slowing down.  Also share any other radical participation ideas
> you have and bring your ideas to the Participation days on Thursday and
> Friday next week.  More details for the Participation days are on the
> schedule at:
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Contribute/Meetup/Portland_Dec_2014/Schedule
> Thanks,
> David
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