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I think we have a skewed perception of how fast it takes to launch
successful projects. Once you start to hear about a project and see it take
off, the project has already been living and growing for quite some time.
Take Reps for example, the program *started* in 2010 but didn't launch
until 2011 and I think it was in 2012 when it finally caught the attention
of the whole org.

I'm also on-boarding someone to one of my projects, he has expertise that
we need, but a roadblock has been getting the person he needs to work with
to take some time to get him caught up so that he knows what to do. If
we're too busy doing, we won't be spending anytime showing new people how
to get started.

And to be a little silly, I love playing Age of Empires. If you level up
too quickly you won't have enough resources to get done the things you want
to do. If you attack with too small an army, you'll get leveled and have to
start over - and you risk losing your village from a counter attack. You
need to have enough villagers and resources going so that you can
continually make new troops to support your advance. Starting slow allows
for a much bigger impact once you make your move.

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 2:36 PM, David Boswell <dboswell at mozilla.com> wrote:

> With a week to go before the Portland work week, I wanted to get everyone
> thinking about what radical participation ideas we could talk about and
> refine while we're together.
> I just blogged another idea about how we could enable more participation
> by slowing down.  Mozilla is not a small start-up where everyone is
> physically together in the same space and information doesn't spread
> quickly.  In this setting, if things are moving too fast then no one is on
> the same page and coordinating becomes very difficult.
> My post also links to a Harvard Business Review article called 'Need
> Speed? Slow Down' that talks about the difference between operational speed
> and strategic speed.  If we focus on strategic speed instead of operational
> speed we should be optimizing for alignment and open discussions and this
> will make us more effective long-term.
> http://davidwboswell.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/radical-participation-idea-slow-down/
> Feel free to comment on the post or on this thread with any feedback on
> the idea of slowing down.  Also share any other radical participation ideas
> you have and bring your ideas to the Participation days on Thursday and
> Friday next week.  More details for the Participation days are on the
> schedule at:
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Contribute/Meetup/Portland_Dec_2014/Schedule
> Thanks,
> David
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